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How Performing Repairs Is an Ongoing Effort For Homeowners

As every homeowner knows things break in houses and it’s their responsibility to fix them. This can involve engaging in a do-it-yourself project if you handle it yourself or bringing in a professional contractor when the work to be done exceeds your abilities. As this Wikipedia entry on home repairs explains it is seeing that there is a problem in your home and then going about resolving it. 

Repairing things is considered to be maintenance of the home rather than a home improvement project. Your goal is to return something to the same level of functionality it had before it broke rather than upgrading your home. Sometimes home repair projects do turn into home improvement projects, though, when the homeowner is dealing with an older part of the home where replacing starts to make more sense than fixing the problem. 

There are home repair projects that need to be periodically performed both inside the home and outside. Inside the home typical projects include fixing a broken water faucet, patching up damage to drywall, or bringing in an HVAC contractor to fix a broken furnace. Exterior home repair projects include fixing damaged gutters, patching damaged siding, or having a roofing contractor repair damage so that water doesn’t get into the home from falling rain. 

Someone who is handy with tools can manage quite a bit of a home’s maintenance. It’s pretty easy to replace a broken doorknob or latch, put in a new garbage disposal, replace a broken window screen, or do other small projects. Anything involving electricity or plumbing, though, should be handled by a professional contractor. Working with electricity is very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and both electricity and water can lead to extensive damage in a home if they aren’t repaired correctly. 

People who live in mobile homes have a different set of issues than people who live in regular homes. A mobile home is a prefab structure that is placed on a property rather than being built there. They can be installed on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. As this article illustrates the owners of these homes face particular challenges when hiring a contractor to make repairs. 

Most contractors don’t want to do mobile home repairs. This means finding one who will do the work can take a lot of time and is more complicated than regular home repairs. One of the reasons for this is that many people, contractors included, associate mobile homes with poverty. A contractor will refuse to work on a mobile home because they would rather work with regular homeowners who they think they will make more money from. 

It is also thought in the building industry that mobile homes are too difficult to work on. They used to be poorly built which gave them this reputation. A mobile home is actually no more difficult to do home repairs on then a regular home nowadays but the negative stereotype persists. In some ways they’re easier to work on because they a mobile home usually has a pretty large crawl space underneath it, for example.

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