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The Benefits of Adding an Outside Storage Unit to Your Home

Homeowners know that family clutter can pile up very quickly. The larger the family, the more things accumulate. Finding places to put everything is extremely challenging. Every available place for storage such as closets, attic, and the basement gets filled. You can buy tons of those plastic storage containers and then there’s no place to store them, and they don’t necessarily match your décor. Taking everything up to the attic is challenging if your home has those narrow attic stairs. Taking everything to the basement can also be a challenge if that’s the kids’ playroom and where you entertain your guests. The monthly payments for outside storage facilities can be very expensive and having to drive to the location to retrieve items can be very inconvenient. 

Each year we celebrate about 12 holidays, and we often buy decorations for them, which creates additional need for storage space. It may be time to consider an outside storage unit. Garage sheds are the perfect storage for your containers, garden supplies, tools, and motorized equipment. Storage units are functional, affordable, and value to your living space.

The following is a list of benefits of adding a storage shed to your home: 
• Storage units are a safe and convenient place to store your items when not in use. 
• Storage units come in a variety of styles and sizes and offer secure locking features. 
• Storage units can add value to your home exterior and are HOA compliant. 
• Storage units can have electrical features such as heating and cooling in addition to lighting. 
• Storage units help reduce clean up time by reducing clutter. 

Storage units are multifunctional and can be used to host small parties for birthdays or card games. They can double as an alternate home for your pets. Storage units provide more space in your home for your family to enjoy. Storage units reduce clutter in the home and make clean up chores much easier. Storage units offer do-it-yourself units or professional installation. Do your research online to find the unit that suits your needs. Get recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors for best purchasing options. 

Measure the space for your storage unit and make sure the ground is stable enough to hold the weight. Choose the size that will be best for your needs. You can get a small unit which is about 3 x 7 square feet, which is your basic size for small equipment and containers. Medium sized units are 10 x 10 square feet which can hold more containers and maybe a small size power mower, larger units at 15 x 20 square feet to 20 x 40 square feet can hold even more containers and accommodate a small space for a table or workstation.

You can also get units that are even larger which may include space the size of a small garage apartment. When purchasing a storage unit check the safety specifications to make sure that it is sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather and protect against burglary. Storage units come in a variety of options, so remember to assess your needs before choosing the best fit.

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