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The Environmental Friendliness of Polished Concrete Floors

Are you debating a concrete floor for your home or place of business? Polished concrete floors are low maintenance and long-lasting, but did you know the floors are also environmentally friendly? Concrete is created from natural materials, improves air quality and reduces waste. That’s three good environmental reasons to consider a polished concrete floor.

Made From Natural Materials

The sustainable natural materials of cement represent the first virtue of polished cement floors. Limestone is the first material in concrete. It is found naturally in large quantities. The other ingredients in concrete are found in industrial waste products, so concrete production actually recycles substances like fly ash, slag cement and silica fume. It’s a good idea to consider polished concrete in Oak Park IL


Improved Air Quality

Polished concrete can improve your air and free it from allergic materials, toxic mold and airborne mildew collecting in other floor coverings like carpeting. Cement doesn’t trap allergens, and it is easier to clean than other floor surfaces. The glue and chemical compounds used to secure floor coverings to cement surfaces can become air hazards. The polished cement floor is easy to clean with routine sweeping and the use of non-toxic soaps. Many public places are turning to polished cement floors because it enjoys a long life, improves the air quality and is easy to maintain.

Reduced Waste

The third virtue of polished cement floors is the waste that is prevented by their installation. While a polished cement floor will last the life of the building, the other floors coverings wear out. They are pulled out and disposed of, creating waste. When the polished cement floor is the first choice, it never contributes to waste material. After all, wood and carpeting materials pulled from cement floors and disposed of can be toxic.

In addition, cement floors collect passive heat from window light. It doesn’t matter which environmental impact impresses you. Polished cement floors are an option you’ll probably consider in the future.

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